Hi there!

My name is Anne Driscoll and I’m a Data Scientist at the New York City Council, where I work with data on people, the environment and the economy (oh my!).

In the past I’ve been a:

I am interested in data science for social impact, a massively broad space - please reach out if you’ve got questions or just would like to chat!

Current interests

  • Blueberries - I get obsessed every summer
  • Knitting! I’m currently knitting a mood blanket, similar to a the classic temperature blanket but capturing how I feel each day.
  • Sci-fi/Space Operas
  • Seeing Taylor Swift an embarrasing number of times.

Fun facts

2 truths and a lie, which is which?

  • I’ve gone to school on 3 continents.
  • Growing up I had a turtle, snail, and pigeon as pets.
  • I have a credit as a production assistant on a nature documentary.